Life After Hate: Search Responsibly

The internet search bar is today’s ultimate confessional. Unfiltered, people turn to the internet to search for things they’re ashamed to say out loud. Violence-based extremist groups use these searches to identify potential new members and lure them into rabbit holes of propaganda, conspiracies, and fake news sites – ultimately recruiting them. We identified keywords and created ads that would appeal to at-risk individuals leading them to, which is designed to slowly introduce facts to the user to sway them in a positive direction. Visitors were also retargeted on social media once they had been to the site.


One Show
Merit - Creative Use of Data

Adweek's Project Isaac Awards
Gold - Best Practices: Data Invention
Gold - Marketing and Advertising: Brand Performance Invention

Webby Awards
Finalist - Digital Campaigns
Finalist - Online Guerrilla & Innovation




CCO: Alvar Suñol
CD: David "Cuervo" Alvarez
Art Director: Luzalma Gonzalez
Copywriter: Johann Lopez
Digital Content Lead: Samantha Lemoine
Senior Interactive Designer: Jamil Bonnick

Life After Hate
Branding, Web Design, OLV, UX, UI
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