Pokémon GO: GO Fest

Summer 2016. Drake just dropped Views and Pokémon GO was released for the first time. The world was going bonkers. But since then, Pokémon has slowly started to lose its magic. The nostalgic love started to wear off.

Fast forward to Summer 2020, a time when the world is upside down. This TVC wasn't just any, it was a communal effort of multiple parties from around the world that included countless Zoom calls and a remote shoot in New Zealand directed by Rian Johnson.

It went from brief to air in eight weeks. It's one hell of a story, we should catch up about it someday.


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Director: Rian Johnson
DP: Steve Yeldin
VFX: Alt.fx
CCO: John Matejczyk
Art Director: Greggy Adriano
Copywriter: Johann Lopez
Head of Production: Tanya Lesieur
EP: Austin Kim

The Pokémon Company, Niantic Labs
Branding, Design, Mobile, OLV, TV
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